I love Joel Holm as an author and teacher of the Word. God uses Joel to bring the Bible to life in creative and straightforward ways that challenge and encourage . . . Joel Holm lives out what he preaches and desires the same for every believer. Look for more from Joel, your perspectives will be forever changed for the better!
Margaret Mohr

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For over 30 years, Joel Holm has been training and equipping local pastors and leaders around the world.

You might read the Bible and understand its principles. But are you able to apply those principles and see them in your everyday life?

For most of us, becoming closer to Jesus is easier said than done. When the storm rages around us, it can be a challenge to cling to your faith and hope to see past the tempest and into the calm and welcoming embrace of Jesus.

Joel Holm believes that there is much more in store for us than the simple material possessions we see around us. With each speaking engagement, he uses simple messages of faith and hope to help the audience build a stronger relationship with Jesus.

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Joel Holm is a Christian author, teacher, podcaster, and consultant. His goal is to transform the modern world with a biblical perspective on current affairs. Follow Joel to learn more about his faith-driven message and ministry.

Joel Holm's writings are insightful and always encourage me in my faith as I follow Jesus in my life. His perspective brings new ways of thinking and seeing God in our lives and in our world.
Cheryl Wenzel