Have you ever gotten caught up on a complicated Bible passage and found yourself wishing it was more accessible? With the BibleGuide App, it is. Gain access to passage explanations, chapter thoughts, daily prayers, and more. This app is free, it's easy, and it will transform your studies.


Building strong Christian leaders is one of Joel Holm’s passions—which is why he has founded the Pillars program. By preparing each new leader for success, the Pillars ministry works to create a better world for us all. As with all of Joel Holm’s projects, God is at the center of this mission.

PathFinders is a non-profit organization that works with young adults throughout the world. With investments in over 74 countries and helping more than 235,000 young adults, this organization has had a global impact. Donate today to help members across the world gain a Christian worldview on modern events.


Is your life missing a regularly-scheduled boost of hope and harmony? Joel Holm’s podcast is full of faith-building principles that have been simplified for everyday use. Find ways to take the focus off of yourself and your worldly concerns with these 5-minute episodes. Rededicating yourself to gospel living has never been easier.

A Key Verse for Each of the Bible’s 1189 Chapters.

Understanding the Bible is not always easy, even for the most dedicated of students. But with the BibleGuide app, you’ll find that applying each passage to your daily life is much less difficult. Each chapter has a spiritual synopsis to help you better understand the gospel content you are about to read.

What’s more, key verses are outlined in every chapter to help you prioritize the message of your daily studies. Keeping biblical themes close to your heart is easy and natural with this helpful app.

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About BibleGuide

Transform your daily Bible studies with the help of a modern app. You’ll gain new insights into the lives and motives of scriptural authors. Plus, you’ll find it easier to relate to the principles and stories you read.

Get Passionate About the Bible

You can’t come to know Jesus and His ministry without the Bible. But as the world grows increasingly more modern, truly accessing the scriptures becomes harder and harder to do.

If you’ve struggled to relate to scripture and what it has to teach you, the BibleGuide app is for you.

Think of this app as a connecting pathway between your modern existence and the lives of scriptural inhabitants. Get familiar with Biblical characters like Peter and Jonah. Learn more about Christ and His ministry. Gain insights that have eluded you so far.

Find true enjoyment and fulfillment in your scriptural studies. And do it all with the BibleGuide app. Learn more today by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Christ

If there is something our world needs more of, it’s the Savior. PathFinders sees this need and seeks to fill it, one person at a time.

Reaching more than 70 countries and helping over 235,000 young adults, this program is dedicated to making the world a better and more Christ-centric place. Finding and getting on the right path is never easy. But through the PathFinders ministry, young adults gain access to the tools and support they need to follow Jesus.

About PathFinders

Living in this modern world is both exciting and overwhelming. For those who seek to follow Jesus, making sense of our chaotic existence can be trying, to say the least. PathFinders is designed to help young people find clarity and meaning through Christ.

Find Your Right Path

Aligning yourself, your dreams, and your goals with Christ can be difficult in the 21st century. But the truth is that God has a path outlined for each of us. The PathFinders ministry is determined to help young people, from countries all over the world, find and complete their individual ministries.

It all starts with the renewing of the mind. When we transform our worldview to a biblical perspective, we see our purpose and mission with greater clarity. And we find it easier to come to know Christ and make Him known, day by day. This is a tool that many young Christians today are missing.

If you would like to help PathFinders in their mission to support young Christians throughout the world, become a partner. 100% of every donation goes directly to PathFinders’ work with young adults.

The generation that will lead the next great movement in the world is here, and they are a generation that needs to be equipped. Joel Holm and Pillars are doing exactly that for the young leaders. Global ministries partner with Pillars to equip young leaders all over the world.

About Pillars

Leaders bring about change. And good leaders bring about good change. The Pillars program is designed to support young Christian leaders as they identify and reach their goals, thereby making the world a better place one leader at a time.

Creating Christ-Centered Leaders

The team at Pillars believes God gives each of us gifts. But learning what those gifts are and how we can better use them are often elusive principles. For young leaders, this can be even more true.

With Pillars, these young adults are given everything needed to self-assess, adapt, and grow on the path to fulfilling ministries. The process does take time and collaboration. But reaching personal dreams is more than possible with a little guidance and support.

How Pillars Builds Leaders

The blueprint for building a leader is outlined by the Savior in Luke 9:1-20. It starts with trusting in God and culminates in spiritual formation. Pillars, founded by Joel Holm, is built upon the principles and practices outlined in these verses. Step by step, this program follows scriptural principles to build the solid and faith-centric leaders our world so desperately needs.

Of course, the program is tailored on a case-by-case basis. God’s Kingdom demands flexibility and creativity for those who seek to do His work. But with biblical understanding and a personal relationship with Jesus as the foundation, Pillars gives each new leader the tools needed to conquer modern challenges one at a time.

Craft Your Ministry with Guidance from Joel Holm

God wants us find new and ever-changing ways to craft our ministries. But killing off previously successful branches so we can foster new fruit can be difficult. Find the inspiration you need to make a change with this edifying podcast from Joel Holm. Regularly released and consisting of four- to five-minute episodes, this show is designed for current or would-be ministers like you.

Get Podcast Updates

Get Inspired to Minister in a New Way

A Podcast for Christian Leaders

About Joel Holm’s Podcast

For young Christian leaders wanting to elevate their knowledge about the Bible and what it has to teach you.

Trust in God

Joel Holm believes that our ministries should be like scrolls, not blueprints. In other words, we should try to unravel and invest in new ideas as we go, rather than stick to a strict plan. This can be hard. But if you’re willing to follow Joel on his journey toward a new and creative path, you’ll find the inspiration you need to transcend your current efforts.

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Something as simple as a five-minute podcast could be the catalyst that sparks new and exciting visions for your ministry. If you’ve enjoyed Joel Holm’s speaking engagements in the past, you’ll love his show. Join his email list to stay up-to-date with this moving new venture.