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Follow 52

One Year Committed to Following the 52 Commands of Christ, One Week at a Time

Follow 52 is a spiritual exercise in following the 52 commands Jesus gave as recorded in the gospels. Each week one command is taught with application given for living it out in a practical, life-changing way.

Two Hats

One family’s month-long experiment in spending, giving & generosity

A journal of a family's month-long experiment where for every dollar they spent they gave away a dollar, matching the area of giving to the type of spending.

See Faith Different

See Faith Different examines the seven building blocks of faith that everyone knows in too common of a way. This book presents the foundational themes of faith from a fresh perspective.

See Life Different

All people, regardless of culture, age and upbringing have one thing in common. We all have the tendency to form patterns, habits and mindsets - and then stick to them. Whether or not it’s the best or most true way to approach life, we get used to doing things a certain way; looking at things from the same angle. In doing so, we miss out on fresh ways to think and live. A few of these “basic building blocks of life” are common to all of us who inhabit this planet. We all deal with the same issues. This book is an exploration of seven of the most common and yet most important areas of our lives: work, success, people, stuff, time, faith and the future. See. Life. Different. gives you a seed, an idea, a fresh perspective to consider. What if we look at life from a fresh viewpoint? Ask a new question usually not related to this topic? Much of what you know is true. But there is still so much to discover.

Kingdom Called

Harnessing the Power of Business to Change the World

Kingdom Called explores the biblical truth that business is God’s idea. With unique insights and practical outworking, Kingdom Called presents a life-giving model for all engaged in business that integrates vocation, family and church.

Reach the Challenge

A 10 week challenge transforming the way you see your neighbors and reach them with the love of Christ.